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Donor’s speedy egg retrieval

IVF Egg Retrieval

Our egg donor is keen!

When we were informed that our egg donor wanted to donate her eggs for us, we thought it would take a few months to get it organised. We were so wrong! One minute we knew she was taking medications to stimulate egg production, and the next minute she was about to retrieve eggs!

We were so surprised as we certainly did not get the same experience from the last egg donor whom we chose a year ago! You can read the full story our first egg donor here.

Our nurse at CReATe Fertility Centre informed us:

Your egg donor is currently cycling right now, and the cycle is almost complete. Can you confirm which fee package you have selected so I can have the cycle billed out. I have attached the fee packages to this email.

She is expected to be triggered this Saturday .. we will need to know if you are doing PGS/Embryoscope. 
What?! That is super quick! On one hand, we are very appreciative for the nice lady who decided to donate her eggs for us, even though she is anonymous. We did ask the nurse to relay a message of thanks to her after her eggs are retrieved. On the other hand, we were really not prepared for egg retrieval. We thought it will take much longer! Our egg donor is very keen indeed!
So what is next with egg donation? Well, nothing much more except that the retrieved eggs have to be fertilised by our sperm (that we shipped across last year) and see how many good quality embryos we get!

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