What is this about?

This is a blog about us, André and Cameron, who journey through life together. Here, you will find what is important to us and how we view and experience life. Through this platform, you will understand what makes us ‘us’. We are The Tall and Short of it.

The tall one, André, was born and raised in Singapore. In his early 20’s, he moved to Australia for university education and after graduating, he decided to continue living in the country to carve out a life for himself. Despite the many odds against him along the way, he worked his way to be a respected Marketer. He has worked in many industries as a Marketing professional until recently when he decided to work for himself. André now owns and runs Homeware Secrets and is also a Marketing Consultant to a variety of businesses.

The short one, Cameron, was born and raised in Geelong in Victoria, Australia. He was born into a farm and was involved in equestrian sports from the early age of five. Since then, he began his collection of ribbons, medals and awards as an equestrian champion until he was 21. As a self-proclaimed geek, he owns and runs We Manage I.T. and somewhere along the way acquired Host Geek, an Australian web hosting company, and with André they launched a Singapore branch in 2017.

Together, we share life and love of all things including being with each other. We brought out the traveling bug within each other and have been seeking out new places to go. Both of us also share the love for food and enjoy experiencing different types and classes of food. Our food experiences normally flood our friends’ Facebook news feed with a never-ending photo trail of mouth-watering cuisines.

Once again, welcome to our world!

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