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To twins or not to twins?

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So there is a turn of events or expectations. Our IVF Clinic has indicated to our surrogate that there is only going to be one embryo transfer, which means that the likelihood of us having twins has been chopped at the legs. The egg donor and us do not have any family history of twins, so we can rule out the chances of the embryo splitting for identical twins.

It is not that we insist in twins, but we have been told by our surrogacy agency that they advise not to have double embryo transfer, but if the surrogate is okay and also if we want to try for it, we can, as long as we sign a waiver form, which we did. We are aware of the risks of multiple births.

Now the surrogate has been told by our surrogacy agency that they do not promote more than one embryo transfer which made me wonder why we had to sign the waiver form when they go around telling our surrogate that they don’t believe in multiple transfer.

Anyway, because we are always concerned about our surrogate’s health and what she would like to do, we have decided that we may have to do one at a time (we hope for two children). Cameron did ask if it was going to be a difficult decision as to who goes first… and we decided that depending on how many healthy and quality embryos have been created. If we have less embryos created by my sperm, then I will go first, vice versa. I guess that is the fairest way to decide and there will be no arguments at all.

So there… from our desire to have twins, we are now doing one first. We thought of having two surrogates going at the same time, but I think it would be better for us to have the same surrogate carry twice for us, so the children will also have the same surrogate mother. Hope, our surrogate, indicated that she is keen to carry one after another, so that is a plus.

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