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Counselling with the IVF Clinic

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One of the things we had to do after we appointed an IVF Clinic for our IVF needs was counselling. We had to get a session booked in so the IVF Clinic knows that we are in the right place and have the right mindset for the procedures, and for surrogacy as a whole. We didn’t know what to expect as we have never really been counselled before. I guess they just wanted to know if surrogacy is right for us and if we are making a sound decision or not… also to find out if we are a couple of loose screws or not.

We had a Skype video call with Jan Silverman from CReATe Fertility Centre in Ontario, Canada. She was lovely. She asked all the questions that she needed to, most of them were common questions that even friends would ask us, such as why do you want children, when did you start having the want for kids, was any one of us the main driving force for having children, and will we plans to disclose to our children how we got them. All common questions we have been asked before. Jan did let us know how we should approach subjects like that with children which are very new to us. It was nice to listen to what she had to say and how to go about doing it. Had some guidance from her as well regarding. being more involved with the community that had children through surrogacy. The children will need to know that they are not the only ones and they have friends and are in a familiar space.

The counselling went well, and I am confident that Cameron and I have the right mind to go into this together and we will be great support for each other.

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