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Rematched with a new surrogate

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We have been rematched with a new surrogate!

In the wee hours of 12 January 2018, we received an email from Bree Maccaroni, our case specialist from Canadian Fertility Consulting (CFC). In her email, she wrote:

Hi Guys,
I have some spectacular news for you both!!
A new surrogate in our program has fallen in LOVE with your video and wants to know if you’d like to be introduced to her?!?!
I’ve attached her profile here and left you a message on Skype!!
Let me know if you have any questions.
First thought was… our video introduction and presentation worked. Second thought was… let’s not get too excited. We might never know what we may find out about this new surrogate that would scare us away. She might eventually find out that we are not right for her too. So we had to calm down and go with the flow.
We agreed that Bree should go ahead to let this potential surrogate know that we are keen to go through the 14-days of getting-to-know to find out of we would like to work with each other.
We can’t jump in and be all excited like the last time. We just can’t. We spent so much time on getting to know the last surrogate and we had to let her go. The story about this is here.

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