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Screening and legal for egg donor


Last week our lawyer Alex, sent us our egg donor agreement requesting us to take a look and make sure that we understood it. We did look through it and we were fine with what was in there. A few jargons here and there that required clarifying but all was good. We told him that he can send it on to the egg donor’s lawyers to move on with the process. Looked like things were moving ahead and strangely, we received an email from Hilary, our nurse coordinator from CReATe Fertility Clinic mentioning that she had only just managed to get hold of our egg donor and she was going to be screened on 27 March 2017!

I responded to her saying that the agreement has been drafted and is about to be sent to the donor’s lawyers, and she quickly told us to stop the lawyer from doing that as the agreement should only go out after the donor has been screened and cleared. Hilary asked who our lawyer is and we told her. They know each other, and she contacted him to let him know. Alex got back to us pretty quickly regarding the situation and told me that he won’t be sending it until the donor is cleared.

So we are prepared for what’s to come, once the agreement is confirmed and signed by both parties, we have to fork out the rest of the money for the egg donation and also all IVF costs (for the program that we are looking at taking up). This is going to be the BIG amount that we really are dreading to face, but we are still keeping our eyes open for the end goal – a baby.

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