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Rise of the Poke Bowl

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Poke Bowl at Vince and Me Altona

What is this Poke Bowl?! I have heard so much about this and never really attempted to order one for myself. Why? Because Poke Bowl means healthy food, and I am like many people out there who love their tasty, oily, fried food.

My bestie came over yesterday for dinner and we had a chat about food and what he has for lunch. He started telling me a story about one of his lunch breaks at work, he was told to go to some place to get some kind of food, but he stumbled across a poke bowl place, and he ordered one and then has been back on the poke bowl every day now. He said it was healthy and you can have anything I wanted in there, normally seated on rice. Rice?! Yes… I am sold.

What is a Poke Bowl? Google was nice to me – it said that it is a Hawaiian cuisine whereby raw fish is served as a salad, normally as an appetizer, but people have it as a main dish. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Hmmm… I didn’t know what to expect.

So today, I had lunch with another good friend of mine and we headed off to a cafe where I have seen Poke Bowl offerings on their menu. I decided to take the plunge and taste this Poke Bowl.

It looked fantastic! And it tasted really good too! I think I may be hooked! Just look at my Poke Bowl that I had for lunch. It has so many healthy things in it include raw fish! It’s so pretty!

I give this Poke Bowl 10 out of 10!

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