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Getting our change from Egg Helpers

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We are glad we asked

We have been so excited about the egg donor being so keen to donate her eggs to us that everything happened so quickly that we were still trying to understand what happened. Our speedy egg donation post is here. When things started to settle down, we realised that Egg Helpers, our egg donor agency, did not contact us regarding our egg donor’s progress or status in her part of the journey. It dawned on us that we have not been informed if she needed any of her expenses reimbursed from our trust account that we had with Egg Helpers. There were no receipts sent to us to let us know what is being claimed.

We initiated an email to our contacts in Egg Helpers asking them to give us a statement of our trust account and also the details of whatever that came out of it. We wanted to see what costs we had to pay for the egg donation process.

We received an email from Egg Helpers informing us that we do have change of over $1,000 and “although I can provide an invoice and receipts for your funds sent to EggHelpers at the end of your journey, we are unable to provide an expense breakdown for each donation.”

At that point, we already had the eggs retrieved and we have not been asked for more money, so we were happy to have change from what we have given to them! We weren’t really affected by the fact that they couldn’t give us a statement or accounts.

We got the money sent across to our trust account with Canadian Fertility Consulting (CFC) to save on conversion fees. This is great news!

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