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Getting to know our new surrogate

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History must not repeat again. No way.

Our newly rematched surrogate is Ami Pistone. All we can say is that she is a wonderful woman for wanting to be a surrogate, and to be a surrogate for our future child! When we were told that we have been rematched we were over the moon! We knew we can’t just jump in like the last surrogate. We had to be sure. We were burnt and so emotionally drained, and we didn’t want to go through that again.

We had the 14-day get-to-know period for both the surrogate and us – so we can suss out as much as possible and make a sound decision at the end of that period if we want to work with each other. This time, we wanted to be ultra-careful. We didn’t want to have any barriers in our questions (of course keeping them tactful).

Our first big meet-up was over Skype. She lives in Vacouver Island and we, in Melbourne. It was really cool to meet with Ami via Skype. She was so easy-going! She has a 6-year-old son who is super adorable and smart. She is also in university too! We asked each other about ideals, what we were expecting from each other and how we would like to manage this entire process together. We needed to know from each other how we want to be involved in each others’ lives. We made sure that we also asked personal questions about lifestyle and if there were any past abuse of drugs or alcohol. We figured that if we don’t ask questions like these now, we might regret not asking and it might be too late. We also figured that if our new rematched surrogate thinks it is too intrusive, then I guess she is not the right one for us.

We did find out from Ami that she was offered three Intended Parent profiles and videos to go through and she looked at ours and loved us immediately! Our video introduction can be found in our past post here. We were so glad we took the time and effort to make that video and slides!

Anyway, we had the first Skype chat for about 3 to 3.5 hours! We just kept going! It was a long chat but it was so fun! She was humorous and full of life! We loved her love for life and her son. She is such a go-getter and such an independent woman that she instantly gained our respect!

A few days later, after a few more chats on WhatsApp app, Ami asked if we can have another video chat. It was within a week of our first Skype video chat! We were surprised and taken aback slightly as we didn’t know why she would ask for another video chat and gave us the impression like she really needed to speak with us. We thought it could either go two ways – she wants to work with us, or she doesn’t think it is going to work out between us. It was only about 2 days away from that video chat, but we were thinking anyway.

When we had the next chat, she immediately blurted out that she has thought about it and wanted to let us know from her that she would like to work with us! We were over the moon! We also told her that through the last chat, we knew that she would be a great surrogate mother, and that we were actually prepared if she came to us to say “no”. What great news!

What can we say…? Maybe the failure with the first surrogate was meant to lead us to this wonderful woman. Her name is Ami Pistone.

Ami chatting with Andre Cam
Ami Pistone chatting with us while she is in our fruit bowl

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