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Roti Road | Footscray, Melbourne, Australia

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  • Roti Road | Footscray, Melbourne, Australia
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We thought Roti Road would serve good Malaysian food as it is always filled with people, but it turned out that most of what we ordered were terrible! It’s not worth the money and effort.

The laksa tasted NOTHING like laksa. It had no resemblance to the true Malaysian-style laksa that I know and have grown up with. The laksa soup was extremely salty and resembled a badly cooked curry sauce instead of the rich coconut-infused soup. The colour was also off the mark. I ordered chicken laksa and the chicken felt and tasted like leftover over-cooked chicken. They were dry and tough (even after soaking in the soup)! Couldn’t even eat more than a few spoons of it and the dish turned me off completely. It was an embarrassment.

Their cendol drink also didn’t do any justice. There was not enough coconut milk and it was extremely watery from the start. They had so little brown sugar and I had to get them to put more to try to improve the flavour and that still didn’t help.

Their Tom Yum soup was extremely salty and the seafood within the soup was tasteless. The Tom Yum soup was so terrible that we struggled to finish it. It was yuck.

Their curry puffs were alright but didn’t come with any sauce options. My dining companions were Caucasians and they normally like eating them with sauce, and the older male staff (whom we think is the boss) started telling them that “usually no one will eat the curry puffs with sauce” and started to mock them by asking “So what sauce do you want? Soy sauce? Vinegar?” All they wanted was either satay or sweet chilli sauce that are served everywhere else. If they want to open a restaurant in Australia, they should think about their customers a bit more and give them constructive options when asked, and not be silly and answer mockingly.The beef rendang was not even worth eating too. What was shown in the picture on the menu (which looked authentic) looks nothing like what was presented

The beef rendang was not even worth eating too. What was shown in the picture on the menu (which looked authentic) looks nothing like what was presented. There was absolutely no spice and there was gravy! Real beef rendang has no gravy – it is supposed to be dry curry! The colour was light brown! The meat was fatty and looked like it was cut into cubes. Terrible! Their Roti was meant to come with three sauces and one of them supposed to be sambal… nup, nothing tasted like sambal. It was bad. We tried all their roti variations and maybe except for the plain variety, which were still not great, the others just failed miserably.

We don’t know why people still go there. We believe they have never tried authentic Malaysian cuisine, and think that this is the bomb. Well, Roti Road did serve us a stink bomb of a meal.

We give Roti Road a 1 out of 10.

Address: 189-193 Barkly Street, Footscray VIC 3011
Phone: +61 (03) 9078 8878

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