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Tinder – my first taste

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This weekend I had my first taste of Tinder – the dating app for heterosexual men and women looking for a date or something more.

I was at a dinner with Cameron and his mate, Chris, whom he hasn’t caught up in two years. Chris was over from Adelaide for the weekend. We caught up over a delicious Japanese dinner at Nobu Melbourne, the three of us spoke about many things from his work, to our work, to the crazy good food before us, to his social life. Yes, we did pay quite a bit of interest to Tinder which Cameron and I do not use, and will never think of using even if we were living single lives. We have other apps that are designed for homosexual men such as Grindr, GROWLr, Jack’d, Hornet and Scruff.

By the way, they are so not ‘dating apps’ like they claim. In my opinion, they are simply apps that gay men use to find the closest person to get their rocks off. Very classy indeed. Gone are our days of mindless hookups, witnessing men thinking they are God’s gifts to men, and time-wasting catch ups, and the rejections of the stupid kind.

Naturally, I wanted to get an insight to the world of the Tinderers. All this swiping lefts and rights… I had to get in with it and see what it is all about!

Chris was nice enough to feed my curiosity and boy, do I have so much to say about it! Just a note that I did not temper with Chris’ setting regarding the gender that he was looking for, so I looked at the women that turned up on his screen who had to be at a gay man’s swipe-mercy. Yep, Chris is a heterosexual man.

I have to say that there are many beautiful/attractive women in Melbourne! It was amazing to see how many attractive young women were looking for ‘dates’ and many I would have thought would be in a relationship already! Straight men would be flocking at their doorsteps and begging to be their knights in shiny armour! I have to admit that it was difficult to not swipe left (means to reject)! There were a lot of right swipes (yes to wanting to match with the person). Some profiles were nice and pleasant and some where just downright slutty, and you just know what they are looking for. Anyway, I was swipe-happy. I can see how people can just sit there and spend all day swiping.

Did I get a match for Chris? Yes, I got an Asian girl named Ivy. She matched with Chris after I swiped right to her on Chris’ behalf. She looked nice, and she was 33 (I think), and she held a decent conversation until I skewed it a little to see what other intentions she had in mind. She did like the sound of light insinuations and was happy to know more about ‘Chris’. She was certainly interested to know about what ‘Chris’ likes listening to when he is into a bit of ‘something-something’. She certainly liked the sound of ‘something-something’ when she read that. When I said I listen to Salt-N-Pepa’s ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ when doing ‘something-something’, she quickly responded that she like Salt-N-Pepa’s ‘Push It’ while at it. Naughty guuuurrrrl! So I told her that the song Scatman is also one of the choices and the latest Pen Pineapple Apple Pen song. She did want ‘Chris’ to video himself doing it and send it to her! By that time, I have already given the phone back to Chris and he had to handle Ivy himself. Hahahaha.

So… Tinder is not going to die anytime soon. It is still very popular and addictive to say the least. They are even growing from platform to platform! Now you can see those straight babes and hunks on your large screen television as they have launched an app for Apple TV!

Good luck to everyone! There is always someone for someone… if not there are always applications for First Dates and Married at First Sight.

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