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Sendle continues to disappoint

Sendle is a crap business and has crap service.

Sendle is a crappy business.

They have extremely poor customer focus and their customer relations is by far the worst I have seen from any organisation.

So I have decided to give Sendle, the courier service, another go because I thought I should give them a second chance after the last time when they failed to pick up a box for my customers from my address. You can read the last rant here. Now the same thing has happened where my parcel for delivery to my customer sat down at the reception for three days now and they are not really doing anything to collect it and would rather cancel and refund than to solve the issue.

Below was the email communication between Sendle and me. Read from top to bottom like an email trail, and you will know why I don’t believe in Sendle anymore.

To: Miguel (Sendle Support) <>
Subject: Pickup update on your Sendle orders: SBYCPK


Feb 9, 5:51 PM AEDT

Hi Andre,

We’re contacting you because our system shows that the following parcel hasn’t yet been picked up from you:
SBYCPK: Svetlana Be***k (Neutral Bay 2089) – Pickup by Couriers Please

From this address:
2** La***** ******e,
Geelong, VIC 3220

Since this doesn’t happen often, we’re already following up with our pickup agent.

To resolve this as quickly as possible, the following information would be very helpful:

1.      A photo, description or measurements of the parcel

2.      The exact location where it has been left and any extra information that the driver should know (e.g. company name, level, security gate)

Note: Unfortunately, our pickup agents cannot phone on approach

Alternatively, if we’ve sent this to you in error, and your parcel have indeed been picked up (or, if they weren’t ready – these things happen, we know), please let us know, and we can sort it out for you.

All the best,

Customer Happiness Champion

Sendle – Cheaper, easier, smarter than post

Andre Ling

Feb 9, 5:58 PM AEDT

Hi Miguel,

This doesn’t happen often? Really? This is once again another time I have ordered a pickup from you and no one has picked it up. Very disappointing. And I have made a fuss the last time and you guys just don’t learn.

I don’t have a photo but the measurement of the box is 30cm x 30cm x 30cm and should be around 4-5kg. It is in an office building and is let at the reception as the driver walks into the building on ground level. The office is open 9pm-5.30pm Mon-Fri.


Andre Ling

Feb 10, 11:08 AM AEDT

Hi Miguel,

It is an hour to midday and I still have not heard from you or anyone from Sendle. I just want to let you know that if no one comes to pick up the parcel by 4pm, I will have to send the parcel through Australia Post as Sendle has proven to be unreliable TWICE, and it is not good for small business owners like myself.

Andre Ling


Feb 10, 11:57 AM AEDT

Hi Andre,

I’m really sorry to hear you’d like to cancel your pickup.

I’ve checked the pickup address via Google Maps and it seems that there are several business in 2** La***** ******. Should you wish to try us out again next time, I would suggest that we include the business name in the address or instruction.

I will now process the cancellation and refund of the order SBYCPK.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. Have a great day!

All the best,

Customer Happiness Champion

Sendle – Cheaper, easier, smarter than post

Andre Ling

Feb 10, 12:20 PM AEDT

Hi Kris,

That is a lame excuse, what you have given me. So what if there are many businesses in the same address? There is actually one reception, and that is stated in the instructions to pick up from reception. It is a small building and everyone knows everyone here, and that is not something that I have to say every time I have to place an order with Sendle. If no one here knows me, I will state it clear anyway. This is not my first time I have placed a courier pickup.

You couldn’t even arrange for a courier to pick it up today (by 4pm)… which is the third day from when it was supposed to be picked up?! And you just go ahead to cancel my pickup order?? That is very slack. In fact, it is something that no businesses have to go through.

This is the second time that I have ordered a pickup at my address and both times have failed me. Sendle’s reputation is going down the drain.

Andre Ling


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