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Willy & Hobby interviews us

andre and cameron willy and hobby

On 10 December 2017, David Llewellyn, the founder and editor of Willy & Hobby, an online publication focusing on the ins and outs of Hobsons Bay (Victoria, Australia) area. Where we live in Seaholme, we are a part of the Hobsons Bay community. David contacted us through our Instagram account – DoubleDads – asking if he can interview us as he feels that the Hobsons Bay community would find surrogacy news intriguing. We agreed to it as we want more people to know about surrogacy and also what it entails and we also hope to crush any myths and misconceptions about the process.

We had the interview sometime before Christmas and after going back and forth with David regarding quotes and terms, and the timeline of our surrogacy journey, we finalised on the final piece to publish (online). We really want the timeline to be correct and also what it is like to go through surrogacy and working with surrogates and egg donors, especially as a same-sex couple. Informing the public about what surrogacy is is also massively important.

You can read the entire Willy & Hobby article HERE
or click on the image below. The article is much longer than what’s shown!


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