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Egg donor is medically cleared

Medically cleared

Egg donor is ready

Since we have decided on the egg donor, it went pretty quickly. Today, we were informed by Hilary Smith, from CReATe Fertility Centre, that our egg donor is medically cleared and she is ready for meds when they know her period cycle.

Hilary emailed:

“I wanted to let you know your donor is officially cleared and has been given instructions to stop her birth control. Her period should come within 5 days or so. Once she has confirmed her day 1 she will come to Create on Day 2 for monitoring and to hopefully get started on her meds for the cycle. The whole stimulation process takes approx. two weeks. We will keep you updated on her progress along the way. We are looking at a tentative egg retrieval for around the third week of January :)”

Wow! January! That is so quick! Suddenly from having no egg donor and no surrogate, we have an egg donor and also will have eggs retrieved sooner than we thought! The feeling was no less than ecstatic. We thought it would take a couple of months, but I guess because we have been waiting for almost nine months for the previous egg donor to actually get in contact with CReATe to start the egg donation process. This time is a good surprise. We like it very much!

Hooray for our keen egg donor! Thank you for doing this! Hooray for us too!

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