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Surrogacy Agency consultations completed!

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  • Surrogacy Agency consultations completed!
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It has been a few weeks of early morning consultations. That is what we have to manage choosing Canada as our preferred country for our surrogacy journey. From Canada’s West Coast of 13 hours difference to their East Coast of 16 hours difference. Our night is their day, and vice versa. We had to do it. We wanted to do it.

We consulted with all of the agencies:

  1. Surrogacy in Canada Online
  2. Canadian Surrogacy Options
  3. Canadian Fertility Consulting
  4. ANU Fertility Consultants

We felt the most comfortable with Canadian Fertility Consulting (CFC). Something about their efforts to make us understand how their agency works and also advising us on contacting both Canadian and USA IVF clinics as they both work differently.

We were guided and advised by CFC, and even when we have not told them that we will be going ahead with them. That showed a great amount of care and understanding, and they were not pushy and left us to decide what would be best for us. This doesn’t mean that the other agencies were not helpful. They were, but I guess we felt the most comfortable with them, and also we heard Leia Swanberg, CFC’s CEO,  speak via Skye video at the Surrogacy Roadshow in Melbourne on 30 November 2016. And they have been spoken positively about often within the Canadian surrogacy community (including Canadian lawyers, egg donor agencies and IVF Clinics). We tend not to just listen to what others have to say, but also form opinions for ourselves.

We can’t wait to see our surrogacy journey move ahead with Canadian Fertility Consulting.

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