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Murray Case Photography / View360 is a bit of a fluff

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  • Murray Case Photography / View360 is a bit of a fluff
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OMG! Some business owners have no idea how to do business or get a sale!

Today, I contacted Murray Case Photography through a Google search for 360-degree product photography. The page that came up within his website was View360. His View360 page states that they specialise in product photography including 360-degree product photography, and I was asking him how much he will charge to take a 360-degree product image for my business. The man who picked up the phone was Murray Case, the business owner himself. Without listening to all that I was going to say, he immediately recommended that I go to “one of the cheap guys” as he won’t do it. He started to explain how good his work is and at the same time critiquing the other businesses (that doesn’t look that bad), about how they do their photography. He didn’t even try to understand what I was after and he just told me to go elsewhere.

I pushed further to ask him about how much he is charging if he is that great and he told me he charge around AU$700 for one product and he started to explain how he has to remove the background image in the photo (blah blah blah), and that the other companies will just blast out the background with lots of light because they do it “quick and nasty”. Then he started to tell me to go elsewhere as it is cheaper and is what I was after. I didn’t even tell him what my budget was even if I had any!

I kept thinking if he is that great, why isn’t he even bothering to make his website better? If he charges so much, why wouldn’t he put the money that he is making towards making his online presence a bit more solid to match up with his apparent cockiness? It is the crappiest website I have seen so far for a professional service that is supposedly so darn great! It doesn’t match his sales pitch. I could have helped him with his website he was nice. Ppfft.

So if anyone is after any photography and have heaps of money to spend, try Murray Case Photography (based in Yarraville, Melbourne, Australia) as he is “good at what he does” and it is definitely not one I would go for nor recommend because I am supposedly after “one of the cheap guys” who completes the job in a “quick and nasty” way.

Go for some sales and marketing lessons, Murray, even if it is for half an hour, I am sure you will come out tops, but I guess your cockiness will beg to differ.

Murray Case Photography View360 website
Web page of View360 from Murray Case Photography

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