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Kisumé | Melbourne, Australia

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  • Kisumé | Melbourne, Australia
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This is a gem that is a new kid on the block. Only opened for about a week now. We have heard a lot about Kisumé Japanese restaurant even before it was opened! The chefs come from a variety of top restaurants, including Nobu, our favourite Japanese restaurant.

This is a very different environment compared to other Japanese restaurants that we have been to. Spread across three levels, it has class and the black tables and tableware ooze sexiness and posh. The chefs are fun to watch at the sushi bar, and the wait staff are polite and attentive. Chef Sam was one of our favourite sushi chefs when he was back in Nobu Melbourne. We would laugh and he would look after our sushi needs. We were looking forward to seeing him again after such a long time.

The food was extremely fusion and is not for anyone who is looking for a traditional Japanese cuisine. Chef Moon, who is the brain behind the food deliberately designed his food and sushi presentation to stand out from the crowd. Every Japanese restaurant has their stamp on what they specialise in, but Kisumé definitely has many stamps on their exciting menu.

This place is not cheap, but focus on food quality, the thought that went behind the fusion and on the presentation, and you will understand why it is priced the way it has been. This restaurant leaves you wanting more.

Kisumé is not a place for babies or toddlers as there are no provisions for kids. So if you want a good dining experience without the screaming and shouting from those kids, this is the place to be! Yes, no kids thinking that they can run around like crazy apes… whcih also means that parents with these kids can have a night off or they are just not there at all!

We give this place 8.5 out of 10.


Address: 175 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: (03) 9671 4888

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