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Egg donor goes to Cuba

Egg Donor Goesa to Cuba

Yet another egg donor delay

On 22 June 2017, we received an email from our egg donor agency, Egg Helpers. In the email, it says, “Our donor support team has been in touch with your donor and she has informed us she has been surprised with a trip from her boyfriend to go to Cuba. I just informed Hilary (from CReATe) and she said this donation would need to be delayed until August. Your donor is committed to this and apologizes to inform you of this news. She will be ready once she gets back and waits a couple weeks to be medically cleared by the doctor.” Not another delay!

We really felt our chosen egg donor is not as committed as she claims to be. She would not return communications with the agency and also seem to always have something to prevent her from donating her eggs. We kept our minds open and we still wanted her to be our egg donor.

Then Hilary, from CVReATe came back to us with, “…Cuba is unfortunately a Zika active country too and therefore she would not be able to start the process until 6 weeks upon returning to rule out the Zika virus….This would mean if you wanted to move forward with her then we are looking at an August/Sept cycle…”

Yes, it meant that we had to wait for her to return from Cuba and then another 6 weeks to make sure she does not show any signs of carrying the Zika virus. It’s a pretty long time to wait and anything could happen.

Once again, we decided that we should wait as we have already waited for her for about half a year already… since Dec 2016 / Jan 2017. So, 6+ weeks is not that bad.

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