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Our surrogate reduces prescription drugs

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  • Our surrogate reduces prescription drugs
prescription drugs

We are concerned and confused

We knew our surrogate was on a variety of prescription drugs but it was only in the last couple of months when she started to explain what those drugs were for, especially when she mentioned that through her medical screening, CReATe Fertility Centre wanted her to reduce or remove her reliance on those drugs. We told Hope that we did not want her to rush into anything, and she informed us that her doctor would be the one to advise her on gradually reducing the drug intake.

As Hope’s doctor said it is a gradual process, we had to continue waiting for her to be medically cleared. In order to do that, her doctor has to write a letter to advise CReATe that Hope is off her prescription drugs and ready to be a surrogate for us.

Hope warned us that some drugs that she was taking actually helps her to cope with stress etc., and when she gets off these drugs, she might get ‘weird’ and won’t be talking to us on WhatApp. She also mentioned that she would be  fine after a while, and we shouldn’t worry about it. She assured us that she still loves us and would want to be our surrogate.

So we wait and let her do what she had to do.

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