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A World of Nobu – Master Class

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  • A World of Nobu – Master Class
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It’s amazing how a jolly older Japanese gentleman can be so witty and skilful with his dishes at the same time!

On 16 March 2017, we experienced Nobu, and Mr. Nobu (or commonly known as Nobu San). Located in the Culinarium in Crown Entertainment Complex, Melbourne, Nobu held a master class on how to make sushi his way. He was also accompanied by chefs from the Melbourne branch, London branch, and other parts of Asia. Each of them gave a fantastic show and tell about how to make their respective dishes. There was also a 5th-generation Saké Mater to give us a lesson on Saké. Nobu San and his team took up the front of the Culinarium while us audience sat and watched, while we were served saké, sushi and other food, including dessert. There were around 70+ people in the Culinarian. Very small crowd. Very intimate session.

Nobu is really humourous and he likes to joke a lot, and as a hot-blooded straight male, he preferred the company of women. He specifically wanted women to accompany him in the cooking area to teach them how to prepare his sushi. He is very down-to-earth, and even took it upon himself to come out to us to serve us sushi!

At the end of the class, he did sign everyone’s book and personalised it to each person too. Even took pictures with everyone and posing with his funny ‘finger-pointing’ pose. It’s funny. He’s funny.

This was only the beginning of the Nobu-filled day. That evening, we got to experience the first ever Nobu event – An Evening with Chef Nobu and his Global Team, where we witnessed the gathering of selected head chefs from 11 Nobu restaurants around the world. It was amazing. Read our experience here.

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