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Azuki bean ice-cream | Nobu, Melbourne

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  • Azuki bean ice-cream | Nobu, Melbourne
Red bean ice-cream

Last night we treated ourselves to our favourite cuisine at our favourite restaurant – Nobu in Melbourne. The meal was fantastic as always, but I have to comment about the dessert in this post. It’s the Azuki bean ice-cream.

I didn’t feel like a fancy dessert but wanted something to complete the meal. Something easy, something light, something sweet, so I got myself an ice-cream. Of all the ice-cream choices, I took the one that had the word ‘bean’ in it.

This is essential the Japanese red bean ice-cream. It was smooth and wasn’t sickly sweet. It had great consistency with every spoonful and it certainly made me smile throughout the experience. It was visually appealing too with the way it was presented!

Red bean ice-cream
Red bean ice-cream from Nobu, Melbourne, Australia

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