April 11, 2017

Belle’s Hot Chicken | Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia

Belles Hot Chicken featured image

Brown’s the word

My bestie was in town over the weekend from Sydney and he wanted to suss out the original Belle’s Hot Chicken store in Melbourne. There are a few stores that this restaurant opened and the first one is in Fitzroy. The place looked like a diner which was a nice touch compared regular restaurants. We were given a booth seat and we started to look through the extremely short menu in front of us. Even their drinks menu is longer than the food menu.

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Simply Spanish | South Melbourne, Australia

Simply Spanish featured image

Over the weekend, we went to South Melbourne Markets for lunch as we were not too far from there. We always wanted to sit in for a meal in one of the restaurants along Cecil Street. We didn’t know what to have, so we decided to pick the one that grabbed our attention. That day, it was Spanish food. The massive pans of paella that took pole position at the front of the restaurant drew us in. Great tactic to get customers coming in, all they had to do was to move half of their kitchen outside for all to see. We were at Simply Spanish.

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Domestic violence should never be tolerated

domestic violence

I have been thinking about this for a while and have kept it in for a good four months now. I think it is high time I get it off my chest. Yes, this is about domestic violence, but it is not about me. It is what I have seen and the hurt that it has inflicted the person in focus. This one is very close to my heart and I have been thinking about it since it happened. We are talking about my bestie.

Over the New Year period of 2016/2017, Cam and I invited my bestie and his partner to Geelong (Vic) to stay with us to celebrate the New Year period with us and other friends of ours, and friends who also flew down from Sydney for it. My bestie flew over from Sydney a few days before his partner did. We offered the spare room for him and also for his partner when he arrived a few days later.

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