December 14, 2016

Looking for an egg donor

searching for egg donor image

We have never had to look for an egg donor before so we didn’t know what to focus on initially, but we found it to be an interesting experience. Looking for an egg donor could be like a beauty pageant and you are the judge, or it could be like a matching of physical appearance to one or both of the Intended Parents (IPs). As our chosen egg donor agency is based in Canada, we have more Canadian egg donors, less international ones. I have to add that egg donation is mostly anonymous and is altruistic. These wonderful women do it for the love of it, out of their own beautiful heart. They only get reimbursed for their expenses. No compensation for egg donation.

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Egg Donor Agency consultations completed!

Egg donor agency consultations image

Normally the IVF Clinics will have their own egg donor database so clients of theirs will be able to have access to it, but it obviously ties in well with the surrogacy agency’s business too, as two of the four surrogacy agencies that we have contacted have their own sister companies managing an egg donor database! I guess it is a very good income stream. These two egg donor agencies happen to be the only two in Canada at this stage.

Egg donors in Canada are like the surrogates, they are altruistic, which means that they do not get money from donating their eggs. They do it out of the kindness of their hearts and only request for reimbursement of their medical fees during the egg donation process. We keep thinking how could there be women who are so compassionate and so helpful? We are definitely so grateful to women who choose to be so selfless and kind.

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