September 22, 2016

Dream to have… a family.

How to start a family

Okay, so we are gay. We are two gay men sharing a life together as a loving couple. Long before we met, we have always wanted to have children. I have always wanted a life where I can ‘settle down’ like heterosexuals… you know, buy a house, build a home, have a wedding to the one I love and have kids. Let’s not talk about marriage in this blog post as it is a whole other story. So, everything else except marriage (not in Australia, yet!) and having kids are within reach. I went forth to find out how I could fulfill that dream.

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Sendle needs to pull its socks up

What a load of crap service Sendle (courier service supposedly looking out for small businesses like mine) has given me. My parcel was scheduled for pickup on 19 Sep and was delayed and rescheduled for 20 Sep which also did not get picked up at all, and no notification was given to me regarding this new reschedule.

I had to spend more money and head to Australia Post and send it out myself! Sendle, if you are reading this, get your act together and don’t start jeopardising other businesses through your incompetencies! I don’t recommend their service at all. I think they have a lot of growing to do.

Below was the email thread. Read from top to bottom, and you will know why I am annoyed…

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