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April 26, 2018

Embryoscope video not recorded

embryoscope video feature image

Hard disk full, you say?

When CReATe Fertility Centre was fertilising our donated eggs with our sperm, we already signed on to a package that included the embryoscope, which is time-lapse embryo imaging – to get the video of the developing embryo from day 0 to day 5. We wanted an embryoscope done so we can have a record of what we have been going through and can eventually show our child/ren which embryo they were from.

After everything is done – getting the results of our embryo development process, we asked for the embryoscope video, which they said they will have to send it to us using a USB stick. As we were heading overseas for work for a month, we had to hold off on the dispatching to us. When we got back, I asked them for it and they came back with this:

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