January 2, 2017

First contact with Surrogate

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Today is 3rd of January in the new year (2017) and it’s been over one week since being formally introduced to Mellisa, our surrogate. We have not really spoken with her as we found out that she may not have enough credit on her phone and that she was moving. It was also closing in on Christmas and the New Year. We were busy with friends coming over to visit us and she was also busy with her own things for the festive period. We wondered how we would communicate with each during this vital 14-day period that the surrogacy agency has given us before we have to provide feedback if we wanted to go with Mellisa… and she will also have to do the same, to let the agency know if she wants to work with us. We didn’t know what we should do. The last thing we wanted to do was to be too pushy and she decides not want to work with us because of that.

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